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So I’ve recently upgraded my lighting for the “thrown together grow” to a hlg-135 5000k. I’m using it in a small 3×3 tent. I was using 4 60w cfls 5000k. I have the new hlg hanging 12-14″ from the top of my girl. My temp is anywhere from 77-82° and my humidity is anywhere from 55-65.

I first plugged the light in last night with it full blast, noticed within just a couple of hours she started to drop her leaves a bit but needed a watering. So I watered using just a little bit of biomax from biobizz as I get ready to flip (probably tomorrow). I’m growing in a compost/potting soil mix using biobizz and recharge just for a little more info. Everything has been great until I blasted her with this light! I’ve since then turned it down, this morning she was doing worse as you can see it the pics.

So should I just leave the light turned down and see what happens? Or is there something else going on? Back when I had the cfls she was always super happy always praying. But now it looks like she needs sleep. Which is another thing. I have it on a 24 hr cycle for now until I flip. When I started this girl I didn’t have a timer at the time and didn’t want to change the light cycle half way through veg. Thanks DGC!