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I’ve posted this question on the DGC and Real Growers Discord, but it seems the DGC website is the best place to get information straight from the Dude, Scotty, and Guru.

I recently had someone ask me why I’m using Recharge with Grow Dots since you don’t need microbes, molasses, and acids to break down salt based nutrients. I realize I don’t have enough information to answer this question properly and would like to be armed with Real (see what I did there) information I can use to explain the usage.

I’ve only been using Recharge and Grow Dots and my plants are pretty happy I think. I showed Scotty the result of one of my plants in a 3.5gal sip bucket, using Coco and Perlite, Recharge, and Grow Dots only. The roots on my plants were great, but unfortunately the plants were all males so they had to be pulled.

I tried using these pictures saying that these results don’t lie, but the counter was pictures of a plant the person grew using only basic nutrients and nothing else.

Anyway, I just would like a little bit more information to arm myself with so I can respond to the naysayers.

These roots don’t lie, just wish I had fruits to show with them.

See you all at the DGC Cup!