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Wicked Deep Strawberries from The Madd Farmer on day 52 of flower. Grown in soil from Redbud Soil Company. I also use Build-a-Bloom from Build a Soil and Amino N+ from Brandon Rust. Watered with Recharge once a week. These are in an AC Infinity 5×5 with a T8 for exhaust and a refurb HLG 550 Rspec for lighting.

I have two tents going like this and have had a ton of issues with the room. Electrical issues, humidity…both lack of and too much, etc. I have struggled with a couple of other strains this run because of this, but the Wicked Deep Strawberries just takes it all in and keeps going. I am not very good at describing the smells but they are fantastic. I do have one plant that made me think of Smuckers instantly… but somehow, rotten Smuckers.