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This is another pheno of some (pre98 bubba x Star dawg) that I call the wife beater bubba because it’s just a nasty, funky, make you drunk feeling (if you hit it to many times) dick in the dirt type of stone! She was grown in 5 gal fabric pots, under single end 1000 watt using Mother Earth coco all organic in veg (to keep salt build up down ) except Silica and cal-mag (don’t know if that’s organic). For flower switched to a early 2000’s Major League Baseball style of growing using Humboldt Nutrients 3 part base, fox Farm 3 part solubles, cheapest cal-mag, humics, and enzymes I can find, mammoth p, molasses, and Humboldt county’s own crystal burst. I really lean on them hard till week 8 gradually building up to around 1600 ppm then nothing but molasses and mammoth till they start to cannibalize them selves and a couple days just to water then. These pics were around day 60. Thanks for looking hope you like it!