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Hey DGC! I’m a long time listener from prohibition land that has finally bitten the bullet and decided to ‘safely’ register/post here with a burning question ๐Ÿ™‚ย I’ve been out of the scene for a long lonnnng time but Lockdown proved to be inspiration I needed to get my act together and setup a small tent.


My Tent is 3 ft x 3 ft x 5 ft (Secret Jardin DR90 v1) and i’m running a 240w (true) quantum board LED panel with 5 plants LST/scrogged pretty well. I’m currently on my third week of flowering and have some questions about my current ventilation/filter system that I hope you guys (& girls) can help with!


I’ve currently got a 6 in passive intake and a 4 inch inline outtake attached to a 4 in carbon filter that was used for at least 1 other grow (not by me), this extracts air directly to an external air vent above the tent.

The fan moves 100 m3/h (59cf/m) so according to the calculations i’ve seen it should be adequate for my tent (e.g. a calculator on another grow site says I need 52 m3/h with a filter etc attached), I don’t have a fan controller so it just runs at full power 24/7 (as its small it doesn’t make too much noise)

Potential issues:

Currently the fan/filter seems to be doing a good job as there is no smell in the room where the tent is unless I unzip it however I am worried that as the ripen up the smell may start to become an issue – does anyone know if this is likely or considering they are doing OK now and given the small size of my tent should the fan/filter be OK throughout the grow?

Also I watered them 3 days ago and the humidity seems to be higher than i’d like as I get deeper into flower (~60-65%) which I am putting down to canopy density – I am tempted to get a beefier outtake fan to reduce humidity/ensure no smell leaks however I could probably just get another clip on fan and have it under canopy to try and fight off any mold etc, that combined with less messy feedings should help to reduce humidity.


Quietness and no smell are my number 1 priorities so as far as I see it I have 2 real options:

1 – If people thing that fan/filter will continue to be OK throughout the grow then I will leave it as is and look at upgrading if I get a bigger tent.

2 – If smell leaks are likely to become an issue as they mature then I could get a EC fan such as a system air revolution + controller + acoustic ducting which from what I can tell I should be able to run nice and quietly and allow me to control the speed etc. There are 2 used ones near me but 1 is an 8 inch and the other a 10 inch so I would probably need to run these at like 15% most of the time!

Of course if I can save the cash and stick with what I have then I would love too but I would hate to be caught short with my current system not being good enough and not having the option to fix it quickly due to lock down restrictions on shops opening etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated!