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Northeast JP asks:

Hey Dude and Mr Real,

I’ve got shitty fucking well water that I used for feed and watering. Just got my 1st ever harvest – soil mix (Dr. Earth) … 100 watt MH start to finish. Definite heat issues. Gen Organics go box for nutes. 1 plant yielded about an oz of crystally but fluffy buds.

I’ve got plans for my heat issue and am upgrading to a 1000 watt xtrasun to flower this time around.

My question is – will recharge buffer my h20 problems (tons of sulfur, and who knows what else… probably jacked up pH)? I don’t yet have funds for an RO which is probably my best bet… Trying to get rolling on a budget and improve my game as I go.

Quick question #2 …. Is there a good method or time to use chicken shit for an indoor grow?

Thanks brothuhs..