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Hello DGC, I have watched a Blue Venom plant wilt severely in the past couple of days and actually removed a couple of leaves with beginning phases of chlorosis today. The leaves started curling out and rolling instead of folding in like it would with light stress. While concerned about this problem, I just fed another plant (G13) today in my garden today and it IMMEDIATLY started to wilt and exhibit the same sign as the Blue Venom plant. The nutrient and feeding schedule has not changed much and I follow the feeding plan provided. pH good, temp and humidity good, airflow and lights good. It looks a lot like overwatering but I don’t believe that is the problem given a number of factors that would potentially eliminate that theory. The plants were doing very well up to this point. Anyone have this happen before? Thanks

Also, I flushed the plant today and it looks “better” or at least trying too. I took the pictures after the flush.  The first few pics are blue venom and the last picture is the G13 I watered today and started to wilt.