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Hey Guys thanks for helping me out so quickly with my last concern. I have two new different small issues with 2  of my plants. I went away for an over night trip in the mountains and came home to this. Aside from the following  everything thing seems happy

Plant 1, Gorilla Glue, Day 37. First 3 photos

I recently added a bigger fan on oscillate and on low. It was still hitting  this plant pretty good for about a week but the pant seemed fine. I have three of these same strain (clones) in my room. This is the only one doing it, closet to the fan. The last close up almost looked like WPM. I freaked and carefully removed the leave. I check it under a scope, it definitely did not look like WPM. It was a crunchy spot though. I stopped the direct wind exposure and gave a flush for fear of nute burn.
HLG 135w quantum board 14-16” above canopy.
Promix – synthetic nutes 800ppm 6.5ph

Second Plant, Super Sour OG, 37days.

Fourth photo

I have grown out this strain a few times, for the better part of a year. She always starts yellowing around the lower leaves around this time. But this time she has a very strange pattern on one leaf. What could it be?