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Hi DGC! Been a member for a couple of years but I work a lot so I’m not very active on here. Work, shower, plants, eat, sleep, repeat.  I hope the pics uploaded correctly.  My iPad gets angry at your site.  After reading the post and watching the video that shows the clip about saran wrapping fabric pots to keep from drying out, I realized I’ve been doing my own version of this with out stopping the roots from getting air pruned.  When I switched from black fabric to Radicle Bags,  I noticed that I lost a day between watering. Fabric pots dry out fast enough already so I decided I needed to block the direct air hitting the pots but not seal the sides either. I decided on using reflective foil insulation. I cut the pieces tall enough to reach from the floor to just about the top. I let the  natural curve of the roll do it’s thing. The risers that I use are wider than the pots, so they never push against the sides allowing your roots to air prune. At the same time, they shield the sides from the direct air from my 12” Hurricane oscillating fan. The pics are from my veg tent since it’s more open for pics.  Also, if anybody wants to know how I mounted a 12” wall fan in my tent,  I can make another post on that too. I want to thank Guru for his advice on using mosquito dunks to kill off fungus gnats. They were available at the store and they were gone in a week, seriously a week. We talked on discord one Friday months ago. Might have been your first Friday session I think.  Thanks for all the knowledge you guys bring and I hope this helps like it does for my pots. Have a good one DGC.