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Hello Guys,

Love your wealth of info you guys trow out there!
I’m from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) yeah! the place that used to be “Cannabis Friendly”
Not even allowed to grow my own medicine now, Even if i have a prescription.

On topic!
I have A Bruce Banner #3 Mother (Picked the best out of 2)
And a Tropical Coocky.

I decided to grow out the 2nd choice Mothers along with the clones i took from the 1st pick.
The Bruce Banner #3 had some wierd genetics where it creates 2 main top sites and stretch like hell when i flip em.

Talking about flipping, 4 weeks after i flipped to flower i noticed the pedestals  started to turn (Not amber) but brownish.
Also i smell a musky odor when opening the grow tent.

Growing in Coco with 20% perlite 10% vermiculite and Funky Fungi (once when transplanting)

Feeding schedule is 1 Day plain dechlorinated water.
1st day dry them out, If pots feel heavy i give them another day.
Then General Hydro 3 part Mixed at 75% of recommended on label.

Is this all the result of wind stress (Had the fans on it pretty hard as some point)
or is there something else at play?

Plants to me look fine except for 1 who got a clogged  dripper during my weekend away, so its showing deficiency’s, Or could it be that that’s the sick plant?