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I have a really big AC unit that is meant for a window. I put it in my room and noticed my “office” That the garage door tracks were too hot to touch. So I went down to the Habitat for Humanity spent four dollars on A sheet a fire board. Made box around AC unit  larger than AC unit. Then hooked up an in-line fan I found and then vented it right on outside. I am currently waiting for timer for 40 amp/240 v. I am turning it on in the morning before lights on and I am extending it two hours after lights off. That gives the night a chance to cool down a bit so my intakes will take over. Luckily even though we get really hot during the day here, the night cools off at night quite well. So I hope this helps somebody not have to purchase a mini split LOL. Just keep your eye out always for a situation where somebody just needs to sell it fast. At least that’s what I’m waiting for. And yeah thank you to the dedicated reliable guys answering all these questions. It’s crazy to think I could actually get an answer that was not just Bro science from my body quickly. Certainly worth 10 bucks a month. If you guys Want to go in business with me and my trim trees LOL I would certainly be an advertiser thanks keep it up homeboys sincerely, the dudette Bec from Bectopia, where it’s always sunny and warm or completely dark and cool.  Sans mini split.