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OK so it comes time to start putting the lights on your little sprouts and I hear so many different ways of starting a successful veg is to put you light 18 to 24 inches away from the plants. I have also known a lot of peeps who have the plants shoot up so fast that they lose control for a while. Do genetics play a role in how fast seedlings will react to a light by intensity and distance? Does the size of the seed also make a difference? I was just playing around a bit and tried 24 watts at 12 inches with small seeds and 30 watts 18 to 20 inches with larger seeds and was amazed they both grew well. No stretches so is it more light watt and temperature control or do good genetics and 24 inch distances always work for a lot of these people who have their own podcast and play that same tune over and over and say do it this way?

Also, Digging into nutrient companies lately to find what synthetics make the best or what natural ingredients make their sauce work. I have noticed that when asked some actually are ok with mixing another source of nutrients with theirs. Is this a growing trend? Have you all heard much of this? I have heard two places now that are ok with mutual mixing and as I look at the labels and sources, all the metals in some products I can see in some cases where you could create a super sauce without hopefully harming your girls.