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What’s good fellas? Love the show and the content, and as Scotty likes to point out – you can learn a shit ton by listening/watching the show. I definitely plan on joining in on the supporting aspect and being a team player, got the wife convinced to add it to next years donation budget haha. Anywho, my question is does cold weather and less than 12 hours of sunlight affect flowering time? Not in the sense that the flowers won’t swell anymore, but in the sense of trichome maturity. I ran small plants in the past like these, and have noticed that the buds never truly develop, mainly a lot of leaf and pretty colors. But there seems to be more frost on the plants at an earlier stage which I attribute to the temps and the plants protecting itself.

What do you growers and growettes think? Thanks for any advice


P.S. the pic showing the whole outdoor spot is flooded due to a crazy thunderstorm that passed through on Sunday