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Hey DGC! I started a indoor grow at the end of January and this Autoflower first day, in soil,was February 2. To my knowledge autoflowers are supposed to be 90 days or less. This is my first auto so no real prior experience. It started to flower approximately 10 days before I flipped the lights, so definitely an auto. Not sure why it’s still going or if this is common. At about 90 to 10% cloudy trichs, so should be done in a few days but is still throwing calyxes and new hairs. I know the bud is gonna be good. My question really is has this happened to anyone? Is it from low DLI, because it was in with photos? Just curious… thanks in advance!

ps. Grown in 100% organic living soil with fox farm soil base and added happy frog dry amendments and compost teas w/ fox farm big bloom worm casting liquid and a locally made bloom booster that I use for the added microbes. Autoflower on almost day 120.