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Helloooo from the greatest prohibition state of ND!

New DGC member & first time growing and has been going relatively well thus far. All issues that I’ve had I’ve dealt with relatively quickly and corrected…until now! I’m growing northern lights & critical auto’s from Nirvana. In a 5×5 with two SF 2000s. AC Infinity fans. GH three part with additives & Recharge. yada yada ya. When I first started this grow I was watering every other watering or every few until runoff and it was drowning the plants so I quit watering to runoff because it was taking so much water. Every time I’ve tried to water until runoff it’s been the same. Struggled getting runoff and would instead drown the plants. Fast forward a couple weeks I’m still feeding with no runoff. Yesterday I tried again – watered 2.5 gals and the coco held all the water. This is twice what I normally feed. Is this normal?

I’m growing in coco/perlite mix 70/30 I think – I eyeballed the ratio as I forgot to weigh it when rehydrating/buffering the bricks. I’m not sure if I didn’t get enough perlite in the mix or if my coco is shit quality or if it’s user error. I assume if I don’t correct the issue and start getting runoff things are going to get wonky pretty soon within the pots, if not already.

I fukkn love this hobby and love the show. The amount of knowledge ya’ll drop is unmatched to any other podcast. So thank you…I’ll gladly support y’all!