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Okay let’s start off by saying Scotty that this is a sickly plant that has been nursed along should have probably been cut down and restarted. But here we are. What is this efficiency or excess of what? this plant was in a plastic pot that was transplanted into fabric and has been doing better. She started receiving a little bit of Beastie blooms because I was out of organic amendments which seem to have caused some kind of a lockout. She’s also been getting Recharge. I’m not a huge fan of Bloom boosters. Right around the same time that just happened she caught a case of Spider-Mites. Spray her with spinosad they are gone. Growing organically in ocean Forest. No Beastie blooms was given until weeks after nutes in ff was used up. But she came from stopping what shit soil in a plastic pot so she was always behind my other plants and always the sickly girl in the group. Was just trying to pull at least some kind of harvest off of her. Any information from anybody would be greatly appreciated with the Recharge and growing organically my soil pH is usually in the sevens but I have not had any problems with any of my plants with ph. However I do pH all my water every single time. Thanks