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Hello all,

About a week ago I posted about some spots on my ladies. (

The main responses I got were sometimes seedlings do funky stuff don’t overwater them. & It kinda looks like thrips. Well reporting back a week later I’ve continued scouting & still haven’t seen a single bug. Regardless I’ve gotten two sprays in since then, one regalia-venerate mix, & one regalia-grandevo mix. I haven’t changed my feed but have been feeding in at 6.0 pH instead of 5.9. It’s hard to tell but the top leaves are also developing the same yellow dots starting around the tips.

Growing in Conibo Coco with build-a-soil coco mineral mix. Feeding botanicare kind base, grow, vitamino & pure blend tea, cal-mag, silica, hydroguard & Tribus. Following chart from Botanicare for coco at half strength

ppm 400

pH 6

RH is between 65-70 lights on, 60-65 lights out.

Temp 78-80 lights on, 72-74 lights out.

Lights at 24β€³ & 70% on 20/4 schedule.

What do you guys think? I’m leaning towards calcium issue but not sure how to fix as it’s in the feed. Please let me know if you think I am wrong, or really have any input.

Thank you!