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Hello all,

Was wondering if I could get a second opinion. I sifted through 6 pages of questions about yellow spots & only saw 1 post where symptoms & plant stage looked similar.

These spots just appeared on leaves of two plants today. It’s only appearing on lower growth. So I was thinking it might be a mobile element? I saw someone say it resembles thrip damage, but I’ve been checking every leaf on every plant everyday & haven’t seen a single thing. I’ve read it’s hard to overwater in coco so I haven’t really been worried about it. Just pour until water starts dripping out the holes in the solo cup.

Growing in Conibo Coco with build-a-soil coco mineral mix. Feeding botanicare kind base, grow, vitamino & pure blend tea, cal-mag, silica, hydroguard & Tribus. Following chart from Botanicare for coco at half strength

ppm 400
pH 5.9
Rh is between 65-70 lights on, 60-65 lights out
Temp 78-80 lights on, 72-74 lights out.
Lights at 24″ & 70% on 20/4 schedule

Am I worrying needlessly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.