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Sup crew I need help. I’m new to growing (2yrs) and I seem to have a hard time with both autos and photos both yellowing on me week 4ish of flower. I’m on well water but only use RO water for the girls. The pH is good, running hlg lights so good there, always used canna coco the basic mix (handful or two of casings, perlite, and coco). Sometimes I add a handful of sand, and insect frass. But never have any bug issues anymore. I’m using spring pots from auto pots fabric #5. And I made some custom screen pots too. Before I got my hands on the grow dots I was using the canna aqua line and of course Recharge. And will grow decent bud but by week 4ish the leaves always look like this. Now that I’m week 5 of flower with Grow Dots, the same thing is happening. I think I’m totally missing something. The reservoir is 12 gallons but I only put like eight at a time just RO water. These plants are sour diesel from fast buds both planted 9-1. The one on the right is 2 tablespoons, one on the left 4 tablespoons. Thanks for all the help.