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Just just want to say thanks to the Dude, Scotty and Guru for the wealth of information and the laughs every day. This this is my first time growing herb since Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana. These plans were vegged indoors for 4 months and then placed outdoors to finish off for the rest of the season and I was curious about the yellowing of the fan leaves.  Wish I could tell you what strains they were but these were all bag seed and I am surprised they all sprouted. They are about halfway through and was curious if it is normal for the larger fan leaves to yellow off and die at this stage in their growth. I’m using General Hydroponics Maxibloom 5-15-14 in the transition phase of flower and then switched over to Rasta Gringo 0-5-4 for the two plants that are further along. I am using molasses and pH test water for in between waterings and was just making sure I am feeding them enough. This is just my personal medical grow.