I have a quick question I’m hoping I get some help from the DGC. It’s my first time with LED lights in my veg room. I didn’t consider the intensity at first. Then it popped in my head to check the PPFD with my Photone app. It was way too high. So I lowered it to about 100 PPFD where my seedlings are by moving my bigger plants to the left side of the tent and scooting the light over to the left as well. Making sure my bigger plants still get what they need and lowering the intensity for the seedlings. Anyways my question is…… Will seedlings use up their stored nutrients quicker when exposed to too much light. My understanding is that plants use more nutrients when the light is more intense. I’m thinking that the seedlings may have to be fed quicker than normal now. And the yellowing is because they have already used up their stored nutrients early. I usually don’t start feeding seedlings till week 3 or 4 but this is only the 2nd week. Thoughts? The pH of the water I’ve been giving them is on point and I use RO water.