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Word Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of the awesome brothers and sisters in the DGC.  Just thought I would update y’all on the room. As some of you know I have been dealing with russet mites.  Thanks again to Wesleypipes for a proper diagnosis.  The infestation (if you can call it that) did not appear to be full blown.  I saw a few of the critters, but not in any large numbers.  We never did have a plant completely die either.  Every plant that didn’t make it through the invasion and the resulting IPM was actually culled by me and not killed by mites.

How did they get in?  It has been debated and researched and frankly it is still a mystery.  Maybe they are NINJA MITES.  The first damage appeared on one of the vegging “forbidden fruit” plants.

This variety seems to be the favorite item on the menu and is followed closely by “Runtz”.  Ninja mites apparently have a sweet tooth.  Within a couple days the flower tent also started showing signs of damage as well.

It was too late for me to mount an affective defense against the invasion so quick action was required.


“We shall fight on the seas and oceans!  We shall fight with growing strength and growing confidence in the air! We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be!” (W. Churchill)

I quickly culled the entire flower tent and we cleaned it profusely.  It was a grim sight but it allowed me to reconfigure part of the tent.  Fan controls and power were moved to the near side.  Now the oscillator(s) can be removed to make room for work inside the tent.

The vegging plants fared better and continued the intense IPM and de-foliation which lasted 14 days.  A different product was rotated into the treatments every three days.  We used alcohol and water to rinse the miticide oils off of the plants before applying sulphur on day 14.  I credit Guru and Kevin Jodrey for educating me on the dangers of mixing the two.

After we read about Sunnyinbectopia smelling like a fart from using wettable sulphur we figured we should be prepared.  We wore painter’s coveralls, latex gloves and shopping bags over our shoes.  I spread a tarp in a shady area of the back yard and sprayed one plant at a time.  I also raised them up to make it easier to coat the entire underside of all leaves with sulphur.


Only one adult and three babies had been culled from the vegging plants as a result of pests and/or IPM.  The adults were moved into the flower tent after the final spray.  The veg tent was then dismantled, sprayed, scrubbed and reassembled before moving the babies into it.  It was a hard road on those babies so I hope they make it.

Since the sulphur spray had to happen in the day time I had to make the light cool and mild in the tents.  I raised all the lights in both tents and left the viparspectras off in the flower tent.  My veg tent bulbs are 6500k / 2200 lumens each and the current supplemental bulbs in the flower tent are 6500k / 1600 lumens each.  They all run cool and allow me to spray during the light cycle.  I use indirect flood bulbs in both tents to generate heat and aid in drying.


It all went pretty well and we didn’t lose any extra plants from the sulphur spray.  It was a pretty mild application at 2tsp/gal for adults and 1tsp/gal on the babies.  The girls for outside season were put back in the “mama zone” and I did a few final tweaks to get all the fans and lights where I want them.  We took a few clones just in case the babies kick the bucket.  Monday I will put the bigger plants into 7 gal bags and let them veg for a week or so before flipping to 12/12.

Send us your best “grow vibes” DGC and keep your fingers crossed for our girls.  They are all stripped and beaten and could use some positive energy.  Lastly a big thank you to Wesleypipes, Guru, and Kevin Jodrey for helping me diagnose the problem and treat the crop.  Peace out DGC!