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Sup DGC?! It’s Ryan here coming at you from Massachusetts, and my wife and I are in the process of finishing building our new home! Now this is exciting because we have many strange critters like tarantulas, scorpions, and lizards as pets which will all be in one room upstairs. The kicker is this room will be kept around 80° and fairly dry and there is a really nice sized closet inside, a bit bigger than 4″wide 5″ foot deep and about 7 or 8 foot ceiling.

So I see a perfect spot to grow some cannabis! I’ve got 2 year under my belt, but outdoor only. I’m 27 and the house is new so money will be tight, so I’ve been looking to get a few led lights and a tent so I can grow 1-4 plants over the winter and help my seasonal depression as well. I really miss growing and it’s dark all the time, as you know this struggle Dude! So some beneficial lighting while in the grow will be HUGE. I’d like to keep the investment minimal, more of a K.I.S.S. approach if you will.

I’ve been checking out spectrum king closet case led lights in the 100w and 140w, I’d like to know how big of a tent would work best for my space, and how much light I’ll need for a modest starting point. I grow in soil and I’m switching to fabric pots as well, hope to hear back, thanks for all the knowledge you guys give!

Posted pics of the house, and some fun ones from last grow.