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it’s that time again to plan our summer gardens. Root aphids seem to be lights out for a lot of you. Just try to prevent this year. I had a problem once. Once being key word. You have only yourself to blame if you keep getting the SAME kind of bugs. First put top layer of sand or perlite so they don’t lay eggs in soil.  Second wind horticulture tape band around base of trunk. Smear tanglefoot on tape. Babies either don’t get laid or if they do they get TANGLED up on the way up. I did my moms to show you buggy bastards. At the end of the day physical barriers work and don’t hurt nobody. Any openings on my greenhouse get covered in ag fabric.  The horn worm is irrelevant when the moth cannot reach your bud to lay the egg. If you read this and choose to free ball it… don’t let me know cause I will only laugh and say I TOLD YOU SO!   My cabbage is always worm free people.