Yo DGC what’s happening? Hopefully everyone is getting ready for planting season and all the DGC a good, clean harvest this year!

So I am lucky enough to have gotten my commercial grow license in Oklahoma. We have some land out of town limits that we are putting up a 14×36 barn style portable building. If looking from the front, the door is on the far left of the 32 foot length. We then have 2 windows exactly even distance apart from one another, as high up on the wall as they can go, like 6 feet up on the wall. All placement was done to maximize the inside grow area without interference. Barn style buildings are very tall, with the walls being 7 foot 7 inches high, with a maximum ceiling height of 13 and a half foot high in the direct middle.

So here’s the dream space to start a small grow op. I’ll be using DE lights simply for cost. How would you set up this space? I was thinking of running 4×8 tables along all the sides like a U shape. I could easily fit 8 of the 4×8 tables along the edges and still have a small work area. With 2 lights a table, that’s 16 lights total. We are using 28k btu window units to cool everything and take away the humidity. Should only need like a quest 125 with those strong window units evaporating it up. I’ll be placing clones, vegging for a month and then flipping to flower. What do think? We can’t afford LEDs or I would go that route. Any advice or suggestions?