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I always wondered in the back of my mind how I was going to cool my tent besides the 400 CFM carbon filter and the 400 CFM Infinity fan and also I had to deal with the smell problem so I had two issues going on oh not to mention regulating your humidity and your temp so this is what I did. I put my tent upstairs next to a wall that had an AC duct from my home unit and I took the duck cover off and I ran some AC Infinity duct work from my home AC to the bottom part of the tent and then every time my home air condition kicked on it kicked on in the tent. Now without the AC my tent ran about 92 to 93 degrees and when the AC kicks on it drops it down to a comfortable 82 with the humidity of 52 to 61. And now to get the smell out of the house I’m going through the 400 CFM carbon filter through the AC Infinity fan through the duct work then I’m going down to my upstairs window and I have a square fan which I have the duct work attached to it and it literally just goes through the secondary fan and out the window and I have it blocked off to wear no odor traces back in. Also there’s another little simple grow hack that’s a half gallon water bucket I have and I just have a flexible piece of tubing that fits perfect in it and I can stand outside my tent and reach all the way back in and water them is slow as I want. I’ll post more on this Grove as it gets close to finish I am doing this grow specially for dude cuz when I seen the episode of him and Remo with zombie death on that Christmas special I was just like I have to grow that so I’m in week 9. Stay tuned Scotty real the dude and the guru Chicago Ron/ high tech redneck from the south.