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Saw Guru was thinking about getting one of these tents, as i was setting mine up in my living room to clean off and swap out as i broke the zipper on my mammoth 5×5 tent. So far seems good i lost about a foot of height from my last one so it seems smaller to me. Missing a few things like access doors on the side, although the door does unzip all the way around to the left side. Zipper just seems standard but the flaps around it are folded over fabric so it wont get caught in the zipper which is good. Love the little plate out front to mount my controllers (pretty much the reason i bought it). It definitely doesn’t feel as thick as a gorilla grow tent despite the claim of 200D or w/e it is. I will def spring for a gorilla tent when i break this zipper, but it is half the price. In the tent i have 4 ayahuasca purple about 5 weeks into flower? maybe 4? 5g hempy buckets with reused coco (won’t do that again) Remo nutes and Recharge under two 550 California lightworks.