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Ac infinity is absolutely changing the game. But they have a big change to make to the smart controller so the vpd can be dialed in. Here are the steps.
1) select your desired vpd range (for example 75-85 degrees, 60-70% rh)
2) go to auto mode and set your high end temp as your actual low end of range (75 degrees)
3) turn low end temp OFF in auto mode
4) set high end rh to low end of rh range (60%rh)
5) turn low end of rh OFF in auto mode
6) go to alarm mode
7) set high end of temp as actual high end of temp range (85 degrees)
8) turn low end of temp OFF in alarm mode
9) set high end rh as actual high end of rh range (70%rh)
10) go to fan mode and choose your ambient fan speed that keep you in your desired vpd. This speed will change based on where you’re at in flower, lung room conditions, etc.

By doing these things the only time your fans will ever shut off is if both temp AND rh are below the bottom end of set range. If EITHER of them go beyond the high end of temp/rh range the fan gradually moves to x10 speed until BOTH temp/rh are in desired range.
Hope this can help.