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Hey Dudes!

Love the show!!!

Just wanted to show the beginning of my Auto flower experiment that I am growing in my 4×4 tent right now, which I have to include has top notch security lol. My dogs love spending time with me down in the garden. I have 6 plants growing (5 autos & 1 photo) which are being grown under 4 Led strips with an HPS hanging down through the middle. Each plant will be grown differently as explained below:

Running a 24 hour straight light cycle. Miryal (mycorrhizae) has been added to each pot.

Plant 1: Super OG in Foxfarm Ocean Forest. This grow will be run with just straight water from day 1 to harvest.
Plant 2: Super OG in Foxfarm Happy Frog. This grow will be run with UCANN Herb Thrive & Abundant Bloom.
Plant 3: Super OG in Destiny Dark Matter. This grow will be run with the Destiny Grow Systems 4 Plant Grow Kit.
Plant 4: Pineapple Express in Foxfarm Ocean Forest. This grow will be run with the fox farm liquid nutrient line.
Plant 5: Pineapple Express in a mix of Foxfarm Ocean Forest, Foxfarm Happy Frog & Destiny Dark Matter. I am undecided if I will run any nutrients with this mix yet, we will see how the plant responds in the next week.
Plant 6: White Window in FoxFarm Happy Frog. This lady was a freebie from the seed bank and is actually the only photo plant that is running with these autoflowers.. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to a 24 hour light cycle until we can flip her into flower once the autos are finished.

We are sitting at day 12 and the Pineapple Express in the mix of FF Ocean Forest, Happy Frog & Destiny Dark Matter is by far the biggest of all of these plants, and almost twice the size of the White Widow photo plant! I think this one is going to be a beast!! I will continue to post and hope that you fellow growers will follow along the way!!!