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This is my first real successful run in Deep Water Culture. I am very proud with how this plant turned out. Not a real heavy knock you out hitter but it’s a really nice mellow indica vibe based that is good for a relaxing sesh anytime of the day. Great for a wake n bake that won’t shoot my motivation to shit and just relax me enough to the point I’m just going with the flow. This may be the first strain that I’ve grown that tastes EXACTLY like the name. It’s definitely hands down no questions asked the best tasting strain I’ve grown to date. It tastes like blueberry from start to finish of the joint! The aroma when growing it made my tent smell like straight DANK ASS BLUEBERRY BAKERY! I grew it under a Spiderfarmer SF2000 and the nutrient line I used is TPS nutrients component kit along with their microbial products “Billions” .  I’m really happy with the way this plant has turned out. Great quality medicine for sure. I’ve given it to a few friends of mine and they even stated how it’s the best that I’ve grown strictly on the terpene level. They were really impressed how blueberry it was! Definitely recommend growing this for anyone who hasn’t. Definitely a nice treat!