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Hey dudes! Love the show, you guys have taught me so much. Hoping that you might have some good info on this topic.

On my last grow outdoors I had some great success all around my plants with good size nugs. I got my indoor setup just about ready to go for winter, and now the light dynamic I am use to with outdoor growing has changed.

My main worry here is the plant wasting energy on developing nugs in the lower canopy that don’t get full light exposure. I only have a Spider Farmer SF2000 so there is not much space to utilize for 2 plants. I plan to do alot of LST and SCROG.

Would it be more efficient to cut all these lower buds off early in the flower stage, to encourage the plant to focus on main colas and upper bud sites to grow more? In my garden I do this with my tomatoes all the time. I get less tomatoes overall, but they are always bigger and better this way. Quality over quantity some would say. I would hope cannabis reacts the same?

I grow both auto and photo plants, I assume the answer might be different for both kinds.

Keep on doing the good work guys. Happy growing!