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Dude and Dudes,  Just started week 8 flower from schedule change.  Running 5 different strains in a 3×3 (tight).  Star Pupil, White Widow, Runtz, Space Ace & GDP.  I pulled out the microscope for the first time today to find every type of trichome colors.  Clear, cloudy & amber.  Fairly evenly split too.  Two issues hit me right away.  Its early, all breeder advice is 9 weeks and secondly, the hat trick trichomes.  Is this typical?  At first blush, it looks like ~ 15% amber on the flowers.  Would love to hear your experiences.  I am going to wait another week as I have conflicts to begin harvest until next weekend.   Thoughts?

Keep up the great work.  Your PC is one I always look forward to.

Peace Out

R and S 69