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Hello!!! I’ve completed my first grow with Canna bottle nutes, as an experiment I did 2 soil pots 5 gal and 2 coco coir 5 gal pot. I really like the coco coir, it seemed a lot more beneficial. However I wish to go all Organic and dry amendment. I planned on cooking my medium for 2 weeks, and then planting then top dressing as needed. However in my research apparently coco coir and dry amendments have a lot of issues? But then some people say just stay on top of watering so water can break down the microbes.

I have Recharge, bone meal, kelp, worm castings to aid in this. Do I need a soil mix with coco or can I get away with just using coco? I know Mr. Canucks has a secret minute of soil and coco but he only uses soil on his final pot from what I could tell.