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G’day DGC

In my neck of the woods it is exceedingly hard to find a dual hose portable air conditioner, a must in running a small scale sealed room.

Also DIY mini-splits are nonexistent in OZ which leaves but one option, converting a single hose portable Air Con to dual hose.


Firstly how does a portable air conditioner work:





Now that we are familiar with how the single hose model works, lets compare it with a Dual hose design




Below is a short video giving some further detail on how air conditioning works and how to convert a single hose portable AC to dual using nothing but a box, some rubber bands and 6″ duct.




I like the design above as it is quick, simple and a cheap solution but if you’re like me and couldn’t bring yourself to work with rubber bands and cardboard (it’s not a long term solution) you can get creative with the intake mounting plate.

I used an aluminium cookie sheet, cut a 6″ hole in the top (for the duct) and used HVAC tape to secure into position.

Below is a few images I found of a similar project, as you can see they are using reflective foam boards as a mounting plate.



photo 3-1         photo 4-1photo 2-2

photo 2-1


The final image shows how they taped over the compressor’s air input this I think is an error on their part but I could be wrong. I question what air is cooling the compressor?

As for amending the design of these units, these images are a perfect example.

Just remember the diagram at the top. You need to be able to circulate the air inside the room and keep the outside air separate.

I’m not a HVAC professional just a DIYer that like to find creative/cost effective solutions.

Hope this help out the DGC


Growers Love


Alby OG Mangels