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Hey guys, this is my second run in my new flower room, first run went great!  That being said about 2 weeks after putting them in the flower room I noticed a plant that was looking rather unhealthy. It was super yellow looking in the center of the new growth and started tacoing and just looking all around kinda rough. At first I chalked it up to light burn (those HLG550’s that I got 20 percent off after mentioning DGC ARE POWERFUL!)  Dialed the lights back to 50 percent and all plants started improving except 2. I scoped some leaves and couldn’t find anything but I kept them in veg to try and identify the problem before flowering.  Today however, I scoped again just to be sure and found a creepy crawler. The symptoms don’t seem to match the bug in any forums online leaving me confused. So I turn to the old faithful DGC crew, anybody know what this is, ways to treat it and keep it away. Thank you all so much in advance.