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I wa as curious browsing the articles and how expensive Co2 was….I have always made my own but never measured just saw the results and was good with it. Borrowed a Co2 measuring unit from a buddy, 750 was the high point in 24 hours. Not the 1000 and 2000 I see guys pushing but definitely has boosted my little tent grow.

I use a yeast reactor and do a CO2 “bomb” every am for the ladies breakfast.

Make a yeast CO2 reactor 2 bottle set up pics and plans all over the internet.

CO2 bomb

1 teaspoon baking soda and 3 cups vinegar

Wrap teaspoon of baking soda in half paper towel drop into your reactor quickly and I mean quickly get lid on and spray plantz,each charge is in the area.of 1 lb of Co2 I believe I do 2 daily.


I took and supersized the standard internet recipe and.after playing with it a couple years have settled on one that works for me.

Add 3 packets of dry active yeast,for a fast start (2 min) dissolve yeast in hot water (1 cup) non chlorinated,(Hot being relative 80 to 90 degrees or so ) 3 cups sugar dissolved separately in warm water (10 cups) I get unit ready set reactor tubing on box fan over plants like Dude shows in his videos. Add sugar water,add yeast I give a gentle rolling mix,violent shaking might get you covered in yeast water…I  within 30 seconds see the bubble start in second bottle, I add a 1/4  piece of bread to help feed yeast colony and keep it alive. Add a little sugar if it slows down,I shake it every morning like a one second shake when watering. Completely lit one day I counted the bubbles lol, I get around 2 to 3  bubbles a second a steady stream and when I shake it daily you can hear the hiss of Co2 rather strongly. Any questions or ways I can hop this up more let me know! Always learning…..