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What up DGC! Has anyone used the Trollmaster Hydro x controller? I’m looking for something that can control almost everything ,mainly C02 and Lighting, but preferably something for a mini split and humidity as well. I dunno if there’s such thing as a VPD controller but that seems like it’d take care of temps and humidity. As far as the lights id like something that i could adjust in terms of ppfd. I have a pulse pro in my flower tent so I can take ppfd readings which is dope AF but id like to be able to adjust both my tents ppfd via a controller. In my 5×5 flower tent i have 9 (soon to be 12) Chilled Logic pucks, 4 far red initiator pucks and 2 exotic boards all by RapidLED. In my 4×4 veg tent I have a Hyphotonflux HPF4000, 2 royal blue pucks and a Core85 bar by RapidLED. The HPF4000 has 0-10v RJ14 or RJ45 with an adaptor for controller inputs and I’m not sure what the RapidLED controller inputs are. Besides the trollmaster is there a controller that does C02 AND lights preferably with ppfd control? Iv also looked at Growtronix but it seems more for bigger grows and its twice as expensive then the Trollmaster. And any feedback on the trolmaster or any other controller is greatly appreciated!