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Hey dudes and dudettes,

I have my grow setup in the basement and the basement temperature is around 66° with 45% humidity. I’m trying to keep the grow tent in a good equilibrium between humidity and temperature and that’s my starting air to work with. I’ve read anywhere from 75 to 80° temp and 75% humidity would be ideal for seedlings and sprouts and a 40-60% humidity for vegetation. My problem is right now I have a fan heater and a humidifier in the tent and I keep getting the readings switching from 69 to 78° and the humidity going up and down. I’m not really sure what else to do to keep the numbers from fluctuating, is that ok? They fluctuate about every hour or so. I have an under the desk oil heater on order to hopefully help not dry out the air but keep the room moist. With all that said My question for the crew is what are acceptable ranges for plants in such young stage I can keep the humidity high and the VPD in a good spot only if the temperatures around 68 69° if I try to raise it with my setup then my humidity goes down significantly and the system starts cycling. I’m starting off with autoflowers so I can get something while I dial in my tent.

Are my pictured ranges acceptable? I have setup my tent different and got the different readings, trying to find the sweet spot and keep the electric reasonable.

Is low 70s ok for plants to grow and yield?

My first grow I don’t expect to hit it out of the ballpark but it would be damn sure nice and motivating 🙂

Thanks crew