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The Origins of GG4

The GG4 story begins in 2009 when Joesy decided to take up growing and smoking again after a long hiatus due to working for 20 years as a crane operator, a job which meant he had to pass regular drug tests. As a first step, he joined the ICMag online cannabis forum (International Cannagraphic Magazine, where he went by the name Grizz) and started to make friends. At that time it was difficult to find good genetics, and nobody seemed willing to share their prize cuts. An exception to this were two growers and breeders he met on the forums: Greyskull and Zoolander, who offered some of their elite clones to Grizz. As a result, the three of them met up in a parking lot in Barstow, California to hand over the plants, which were a cut of Sour Dubb (Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble), and what they thought at the time was a clone of Chem D (but was actually mislabeled and turned out to be Chem’s Sister). At some point around the same period, Joesy also acquired a clone of Chocolate Diesel (Sour Diesel x Chocolate Trip) from another source. These three plants became the backbone of his indoor growing operation.

This was from an article covering the history of GG4. The “its a cut” came from 2014 and the article covers this as well. Here is the link to the whole story, https://www.alchimiaweb.com/blogen/origins-gg4-joesy-whales/

So please, stop saying no one has GG4 or the “official” GG4 because its a cut. I worked 4 years making my own GG4 and am proud of my work. Stay high and never stop learning!