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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru and the DGC. Just wanted to share another DIY grow hack. I shared the hack with the mobile scrogs awhile back that seemed pretty well received so throwing another one out there.

So I started with a standard humidifier and found myself refilling it daily if not more depending on how high I had the humidity set at.

So this setup allows up to a 4 gallons of water which usually only needs to be filled every other day with humidity set pretty high. I’ve gone as long as 3 days before refilling.

Basically this is a 5 gal bucket with an ultrasonic fogger running inside with a 120 mm fan blowing through a hole in the lid where the fog is forced out through another smaller hole in the bucket lid. Below are the parts that I used. I opted for a fogger unit from house of hydro as this seems to be a higher end fogger but normally these can be picked up on amazon for $10-$15. The rest of the parts are pretty cheap. All in all this build can run probably $20-$40 give or take which will give you a higher capacity humidifier.

I am also using an Inkbird humidity controller which allows me to dial in my humidity to right where I need it. An alternative to this is to use a smaller or larger pvc pipe for the fog to exit the lid.

Parts and links to what I used are below as well as a youtube video with it shown in action.

Love the show guys, happy growing!!!

Fogger unit –

120mm Fan –

Fan Filters –

Fan Power (prob a cheaper options) –

Inkbird Humidty Controller –

Home Depot Parts – 5 Gallon Bucket, Misc PVC parts based on your lid design.