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Hi Dude and Scotty and Guru, I just recently joined the show and Ive been growing steady for about three years. There’s been a learning curve as with anything new, but now I’m running good medicine that keeps me and some friends well supplied. Im in NY where Rec has gone legal and I’m going to be happy to come out of the shadows a bit.

I’m really enjoying the show and looking the great info you guys are sharing.

I got my little sample pack with the feeebie seeds from SHN and I ordered a few more choice cultivars from Humboldt seeds and I’ll be running em all in the fall.

I just had two plants sharing a tent were both hermied on me. And I’m wondering if the seeds are viable. Most seeds I have found in Bag weed and even dispensary weed have turned out to be all females.

Are the seeds all female since there wasn’t a male?. Are they all predetermined to hermie as the mother did. And, are they now crosses or do you think they hermied on their own and are duplicates of the Moms?

Should I just get rid of em or is it worth running them to see if there’s anything interesting?

Thanks for your time and please keep up the great work!!