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So I built this CO2 generator from a homemade kitty litter bucket with a cheap air bubbler a door jamb piece of metal that I attach to the air hose to help hold it down cuz I didn’t want to waste an AirStone and a three-quarter inch Aqua air bulkhead fitting and 3/4 inch tubing that I ran through my tent into the other section. Just wondering if this bucket is set up right for my tent. Will the smell Bother the plants? Do I need to worry about any kind of fungus or disease using this method? This is my first indoor grow I’d love to show him all of my setup with you see if I’m doing this kind of stuff right I don’t know all I know is that I’m following you guys I used to grow outdoor secretly now I got to move indoors because of new building in my secret spots.

Update: So originally I had the bucket in the top corner with the hose running around through the top of the tent with no CO2 reading again kitty litter bucket a bubbler inside of it and some 3/4 inch tubing to 3/4 inch fitting 6 cup sugar half a bucket of water two tablespoons of yeast 1 tbsp baking soda identify the readings are great 1380 + but I realized I needed to move the bucket down lower and put the hose blowing over the canopy once doing this it works out amazing. Grow hack works nicely and I just added Recharge 24 hours ago and I’m very impressed.