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First I’d like to give a shout out to SeedsHereNow I ordered seeds on Thursday received them on Saturday with a piece of Starburst which was cool but here’s my question Where should I have put my money???? I have a $200 budget for seeds soil and nutrients and as I’m looking through the seeds the prices range from $50-$150+ but while reading the description of the seeds a lot of these seeds have around the same THC level so I was stuck between grabbing the cheaper seeds then put more money into my nutes and soil or getting the more expensive seeds and cheaper soil and nutes? Do the seeds that are $50 but have the same thc as the $150 seeds not as good I guess trying to figure out the price difference as well what would justify such a large price range is there really that much difference between the prices? I decided to go with Nasha Genetics Hardcore OG feminized seeds going to use Coast Of Maine Stonington Blend soil and it’s going to be my first time using Grow Dots and Recharge thanks for listening