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Hello all!  My previous article on edibles, is the most popular article I’m written here so far, sparking all kinds of questions, compliments, and of course no controversial article would be complete without a hater or two 😉

I have been mentoring “TheDirtyDabber” for about 6 months now.  He is actually the one who has shown me how to make BHO.  One of my consult-ees has submitted a recipe to me for making edibles from BHO.  I was skeptical at first, but after I saw the results, I was impressed by how easy it is to make, how much better the edibles taste, and how knock out potent the final product is.

If you have access to BHO, and you enjoy edibles, this is a great method for cooking with BHO.  There are a few reasons why cooking with BHO is desired, over regular canna butter / canna coconut oil.

1) The edibles will taste much better.  Since BHO is more concentrated than canna oil / butter, you will use much less of it.  Therefore you taste it less.  In some cases, you cant taste it at all.
2) This method is easier and less labor than soaking herb in butter, and straining it, etc.
3) Potency – this product will kick even the stoniest of stoners, right in the ass.  Use extreme caution when dosing.  It’s like a “foo foo” alcoholic drink.  Since it is harder to taste, you don’t realize you are getting so much of it.

BHO A 35g patty of BHO, make from “emdog”, grown outdoors.

I’m not going to get into the process of making BHO in this article.  Certainly if you don’t already have access to BHO, this recipe won’t be possible.  But if you do, and you like edibles, this is a great way to extend the effects of your BHO.

After reading this article, if you have questions, TheDirtyDabber and I will respond to questions related to making edibles, from BHO. This article is not intended to discuss the controversy around “dabbing”, or making BHO.

Unfortunately, I only have some pretty pictures of BHO, which are intended for your viewing pleasure only, and no pictures of the recipe process.  However, I think you’ll see how easy it is, and I’ll try to add pictures, once TheDirtyDabber puts down his hot nail and takes a few pics.

Preface, by TheCapn:  Before I start, I want to preface this, with a few points.
DO NOT give an “edible” to a friend, without telling them it has cannabis in it.  It’s not funny, and you could make your friend very sick.
Many people’s bodies process edibles differently than others, regardless of the amount of THC in the oil.  The same dose that gets you “feeling good”, might put the next person sick in bed for 8 hours with the spins (me).
This recipe is not intended for producing edibles for others.  It is only intended for personal use.
Potency vs Effectiveness.  These are two different things.  There are several factors that determine potency and effect, and I’ll try to outline them here.
If you are a journalist and looking to write an article about edibles, don’t eat too much, and then write an article about how bad edibles are.

Definitions, pertaining to edibles:
*Potency:  The concentration of the medicine.  The strain and type of material used, will affect the potency, or the amount of THC in the product.  And as we know, not all THC is created equally.
*Availability:  The ability of the medicine to be absorbed into your body, and the conduit in which we choose to deliver it.  The decarb process, using soy lecithin, and coconut oil, will make oil more “available” (able to be absorbed) to your body.
*Effectiveness: The process in which YOUR body absorbs the medicine.  For some people, (even people with a high tolerance) only a tiny amount of oil is needed, since their body absorbs it so efficiently.  For others, they need to eat more to achieve the same effect.
*Tolerance:  Someone with a higher tolerance will usually need to eat more, to achieve the same effect.  But not always.  Start with small amounts to figure out your tolerance level with edibles and your body’s ability to absorb the medicine.

Blue Dream BHO, after second Vac.  The Blue Dream makes the MOST stable BHO I’ve ever seen.

Making edibles with BHO, by TheDirtyDabber, edited by, TheCapn.


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Ingredients needed:
1gr BHO
2 teaspoons soy lecithin
coconut oil (better choice), or butter (use the amount called for in your recipe)

Step 1.  Figure out how much BHO to use,
I find about 0.1g of BHO per dose (edible) is perfect for me, however I’m a large guy with a very high tolerance, if my girl eats half that (0.05) she will be walking around with the sensation she has been decapitated.  Again, be careful with your dosing; this stuff is very effective!  You don’t want to lose your head.

For this example, we will make 20 servings (cookies, brownies, hard candies, whatever) and we will use .05 in each serving.
20 servings x .05/serving = 1gram of BHO.

Step 2. Decarb your oil.  Do not skip this step.
Put your BHO on silicone baking mat, and place the mat in an oven safe bowl (If you don’t have a baking mat you can use parchment paper).  The oil may bubble and expand, so be careful you have enough room on the silicone mat.  Once the oven is at 200°F, heat your oil for 20min, then turn off the oven and let oil cool inside with the oven.  Once cooled, the oil will be very sticky and sappy.  Put it in the freezer until it gets cold (10 minutes), so it is easy to get off the silicone or parchment. Your BHO is now decarbed, or “activated” and ready to be ingested, or added to your baking mix.

Step 3. Add the BHO to your cooking oil.
Put your coconut oil (the amount your recipe calls for) in the microwave and heat until it is about as hot as coffee. Gather your BHO on the end of a fork or dabber, and LIGHTLY torch the BHO, holding it over the melted butter so it slowly drips into it.  Be careful not to cook it.  Only get it warm enough to melt off the fork.  Once it has all melted in, stir.  As long as the butter or oil is hot enough, the BHO will fully melt into it and be evenly distributed.  Do not microwave your BHO or you may destroy it.  Do not attempt to drip your BHO into a big bowl of cookie batter.  It won’t distribute evenly.

Step 4. Add lecithin and make your brownies.
Now add a couple tea spoons of soy lecithin to your butter or oil, and then add the butter or oil to your recipe.  The lecithin is not absolutely necessary, but will help make the medicine more biologically available to your body to absorb.  This will make the effects stronger, and last longer.  In turn, you can consume less of it to get the desired effect.

Step 5. Dosing. 
Remember, as I said above, edibles effect people in different ways.  Just because you can eat two cookies and feel great, doesn’t mean your buddy (the biggest stoner you know) can do the same thing.  Edibles take a long time to “kick in”.  I would suggest to start with 1/2 portion and wait 90-120 minutes and evaluate your condition.  If you feel you need more, then eat the other 1/2 of the portion.

Use with caution.  Eat at your own risk. Use only under close adult supervision.  Light fuse and get away quickly.  Don’t feed the bears.

TheDirtyDabber and TheCapn accept no responsibility or liability for one’s use of BHO, cannabis, edibles, or firecrackers.

A small slab of BHO made from Purple Dream.