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Hello DGC.

Is it beneficial to use a battery backup in the grow room?
I have been using battery backup UPS’s with  my computer and AV equipment for years. They offer short term battery backup along with surge protection.  The LED lights, timers, ventilation controllers, etc. are all electrical equipment made in similar processes to our computers, and I would like to be able to have some time to react to a power outage.
I would like to use them for my lights (and controller/timer) as well as my inline fan (and controller).  They would never be used for heating, air conditioning, or other high power consumption devices.  I don’t think that it would stay powered for the advertised 1 to 2 hours with lights, but might just get me through the more common short outages, and give me enough time to do something in the case of a longer outage.
Anything that I should be taking into consideration?   To be honest, if Niwa had a battery backup version of their grow hub, I would  already have a couple.