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Hey guys! So I just started growing about 3 years ago using only fox farm ocean forest (indoor & out) and using an organic line called TPS nutrients(no complaints whatsoever). I have a 10x5x9room (which used to be a walk-in closet) and converted it into a grow room. Light reflector walls, starting with 1 1200 watt LED FULL SPECTRUM light for seedlings for late veg/bloom I use 4 of them (about 25-30 inches apart from plants and measured for full room lighting) temp is always 77-80 and humidity at 50-55%. I recently learned about DIY super soils and I decided to give it a try using soil-less soil compounds for my indoor grow, now kind of regretting even taking it into consideration..

So I did a little research before starting and I equipped myself with dolomite lime, gypsum and perlite to add on to my soil-less medium. My problem is, I mixed sphagnum peat moss with mother earth coco coir both 50/50 and from that I added 30% perlite and added indicated dol. Lime and gypsum, no worm casting) and transplanted my indoor plants WITHOUT CHECKING MY SOIL pH!!!! 😭 I feel that’s the reason my plants suffer different deficiencies. I feel I should have never mixed both peat moss with coco and should have only used 1. Today I added about 1/2 inch of earthworm castings 1.25-0-0 on top of my soil and bought a pH soil meter which my soil read above 8.0 pH.

Please, I need to know if I should give up and start over or if there’s hope for my babies?

My plants are currently in the middle of mid veg and I feed them using RO water at 700ppm with PH at 6.3-6.5 one day and the next I water with only cal mag at 350 ppm same pH EVERY OTHER DAY. I should also mention that these plants started with tap water and was switched to RO before the middle of the first half of veg. I’m sure a lot of beginners are as curious as I was and would most likely make the same mistake of mixing random amendments thinking I did good. YouTube videos don’t go into detail about mixing peat moss with coco coir. Rookie making rookie mistakes. Hope to hear from you guys and happy growing 🌱👍