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How does the plant uptake Monosilicic acid (H4SiO4 aka ortho-silicic acid) differently than potassium silicate? I was at the grow store the other day talking to the owner and he told me that armor si and stout msa were the same thing. I had bought the later a couple months back to see if I see any differences. I am seeing thicker stems and stronger growth (I think). I mentioned I liked the product and he said it was the same as armor si which I had been using forever. I tried to educate him but I didn’t really know how it really helps other than it is supposed to be more plant available. Although the product is diluted more than i’d like dosage 5 ml per gal it does seem to work. I wanted to tell him next time the actual difference in the two so he can properly explain it to customers. I find a lot of the time I know a lot more about these things than the people selling it.