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Whats going on guys! I want to post this for everyone who has or had trouble drying in the past. I will admit that i suck at hang drying. I live in south Ga and its expensive having to run an AC unit 24/7. I have my grow room environment dialed in to a constant 70-78F and RH fluctuates between 45-55%. I bought a 2x2x4 grow tent to specifically use for drying and i was going to hook a line from my AC vent on the wall and split it into the tent and the room. Well tried this with some ducting from home depot and the amount of air coming out slowed downed when i split it and the room wasn’t cooling correctly and the RH was rising. so in short.. I decided to spend $160 on a unit that is suppose to dry my flower in the room i’m already growing in within 4 days. that unit is the MyherbsNow dryer. I will start off with saying this unit can hold about 6+ oz of dried herb. each tray can hold 1.25 oz (dried) and it comes with 6 and more can be purchased. I was indeed skeptical when I first got it, but looking over IG and others that have been using it It seemed like a good deal. I haven’t paid for any testing since i’m in prohibition land. but on IG Growweedeasy has done and paid for 2 separate tests showing side by side the terpene profile between hang dry and herb dryer. the herb dryer does 100% preserve the terpenes and flavors of the flower. I grew 2 harvests before and even posted to DGC last year asking about “Why does my flower taste bad” I thought i just couldn’t grow good weed… WRONG… I couldn’t dry it right. After getting the dryer a few months ago I have used it 3 times and one of those times was to dry bubble hash. I was able to put the dryer on a shelf in my closet and push a button its time to get drying. Scott (Myherbsnow) is amazing guy and i think it would be awesome to have him on the show to explain it. from my 3 harvests I’ve had CBD Crack by Fastbuds, Critical Blue auto by Expert Seeds and Critical Auto. each one of these has tasted the best i have ever grown. I will give it up to the DGC for sure for helping me get my grow established and then to myherbs for helping with the dry. If any of the growers out there have trouble drying or don’t like waiting 7-10 days to get some medicine then this is for you. I hope this helps someone out like it did me and I think this counts as a Grow Hack?