New Millenium Nutrients

New Millenium is a complete nutritional regime for the hobby and commercial gardener. This formula is simple, yet complex at the same time. New Millenium enables you, the grower, to reach your maximum potential in crop growth performance no matter what your expertise level is.



Base Nutrients


This essential component is the base plant feed, providing a copious share of Nitrogen and Calcium. As the core of the New Millenium Fertilizer System, Equinox is concentrated and refined to yield a product that is workable and low in residual salts.

Equinox is meant to be used in conjunction with the seasons. (i.e. Spring, Summer, or Autumn) in a 1:3 ratio.

  • Example: 1 tsp. per GAL of Equinox with 3 tsp per GAL of Summer


Modeled after natural plant nutritional elemental releases during the Mediterranean Spring seasons, these are the times when soils are wet, warming, drying, and decomposing. The prior growing seasons biomass is decomposing causing tremendous amounts of nutriment from organic matter and biological weathering of bedrock to be freed up and available for eager hungry starts (i.e. cuttings, seedlings, and young sensitive transplants). Spring is designed to be used in conjunction with Equinox in a traditional A & B style application. Dosage and dilution ratios are customizable to harness the perfect start to your crops season.

  • When used with Equinox, Spring will significantly reduce transplant shock in rooted seedlings or cuttings that are initially transplanted.
  • Specific proportions of N-P-K can provide small plants everything they need to jump start to immediate root, shoot, and foliar development.
  • Once plants have reached approximately 6-12 inches, switch to Summer to boost nitrogen supplementation.


Summer is a very special season and part of the New Millenium Fertilizer System™ designed to be an integral part of the richest diet plants may consume during their frame building window of opportunity. In nature’s best Mediterranean Summer, the soils warm, nutrient rich colloids and decomposing organic matter rapidly release, thus making their nutrients easily accessible to root systems, and enabling plants to size up their frames which help provide much structure and support for numerous healthy flower, fruit, or seed pod sites. This is easily the most robust of the seasonal inputs.

  • When used with Equinox, Summer will promote healthy structural development along with dense foliage in mature vegetative plants.
  • Use in conjunction with other seasons when more nitrogen based vigor is desired.


A superb recipe that compliments all the hard work put into securing foundation and structure. Once a plant has decided that it needs to devote energy and reserves into building flower and fruit development, Autumn will ensure all cravings and voids are fulfilled. The select blend of ingredients was chosen for their direct response on aggressive hungry reproductive plants. From these sources, New Millenium Laboratories was able to dial in a specific N-P-K ratio that will accelerate flower and fruiting structures.

  • Use in conjunction with equinox to stimulate reproductive growth in blooming and fruiting crops.
  • The ideal season of choice for 12/12 light cycle growers.
  • An extensive collaboration of minerals formulated to feed bloom hungry plants what they want and need in order to produce major flavor!



Officially registered as a Molybdenum fertilizer, which it indeed is, Ruby Ful#$% is rumored and humored to encourage plants efforts to increase yield (#), promote return on investment ($), and encourage plants to enhance the quality to which they produce (%). This super-complexity is a house favorite as the uses seem to be limitless without detrimental effects.

  • Will promote rapid nutritional response from your favorite plant foods in all growth stages.
  • Conditions tap water and plant rhizosphere for optimal nutrient uptake.


This wonder supplement for vegetative enhancement is one of New Millenium’s most powerful vegetative enhancers. A very special type of seaweed makes this truly a one-hit wonder product. An abundance of these nutrients allows for increased cellular division, and natural potassium supplementation. Use this product sparingly as a little bit goes a long way.

  • A complicated product to manufacture, but well worth the efforts. This concoction will aid in the nitrogen uptake.
  • Responds to both foliar and root application.
  • Use exclusively in vegetative growth to increase vigor and decrease intermodal spacing.


Decision is a specialized form of plant nutrition most commonly used as a standalone fertilizer to initiate rapid flower response and development during the transitional phase from vegetative to reproductive growth. Providing plants a strict diet of nothing but Decision will curtail plant frame building and increase reproductive site formation.

NOTE: Please understand that this nutrient will work fast if you have little or no cation exchange capacity (CEC) in your rhizosphere. As with most instances in gardening, plant varietal and species have major influences on how a specific fertilizer or supplement will affect the behavioral growth patterns of a garden.

TIP: Depending on the growing substrate used, only water with Decision 1x, and judge if further applications are needed. USE ONLY AS INSTRUCTED WITH RUBY FUL#$%.

PK Apatite

As the name implies, specialized ratios of Phosphorous and Potassium collide together in a mixture that explodes blossom size and increase essential oil. Noticeable increases in yield and quality are easily depicted in side-by-side presentations that demonstrate the potential of this amazing bloom and fruit supplement. Although there is a minimal risk of over-fertilization, a little goes a long way.

  • Progressively increases your plant’s desire to eat more food.
  • Promotes healthy root system development and health.
  • Increases size, weight, and aroma.

Winter Frost

A very powerful ripening solution made to accentuate terpene production and recycle the last remaining energy left in the plant towards fruit development. The winter like effects can be seen through exuberant oil production, immense purple, red, and burgundy coloration shifts from remaining chlorophyll are not uncommon, and last minute swelling of vine ripened fruits the plant has yielded. When dosed properly, the affected plant system does everything left in reserve power to defend against frost and ensure swollen fruit pods are available for next year’s sowing.

Unlock true genetic potential and standardize the difference in each of your favorite crops. When used in conjunction with a source of calcium and magnesium, Winter Frost is compatible with other plant food systems.

  • Use in conjunction with Equinox to promote heavier essential oil content and floral mass expansion during the final 7 to 10 days prior to flushing.

Material Data Safety Sheets

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