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Dude n Scotty what’s growing on. Thanks for everything guys the nugs the knowledge keep it growing. Working on my 4th grow since I discovered the dgc early last year. Run the sk 440 plus in a 3x3x7 gorilla with a 4 inch inline exhausting 24/7 through a carbon filter. Set up is just in my bed room so environment stays 40-54% humidity. 78-84 degrees lights on. 72-76 when off Basically where I keep the thermostat set at. And it exhaust into the same room. So shout out to the low heat from the sk440 i love that light man ,much love to brandon and the rest of the spectrum king employees. The sk is my 1st light heard about it on the pod cast. I emailed spectrum king with questions Brendon’s response was immediate. I ordered the next day. I’ve successfully made two harvest. 1st a bag seed from a so called Girl Scout cookies got 6oz on harvest. I lost my 2nd grow due to flooding in the midwest last Christmas had to move. 3rd a feminized caramelicious seed given to me just under a 300 gram harvest. Now #4 my last so called girl scout cookies seed. And here’s my question. The lady is in day 40 of bloom and believe I may have nitrogen toxicity. Getting purple tinted leaves ,purple streaks on main branches and purple colored flowers. Its leaves always had a beautiful deep dark green look just not purple and as shiny. Week 3 & 4 bloom i left the run off in and let the plant wick it back up a few times. My top leaves began to purple and the calyxes ,flower production seemed slow to me ,but this plant stretched over 3ft when switching to 12/12 so I thought maybe its sativa dominate and this was normal. Going into week 5 i realized the purple could be bad and the claws were definitely not normal. Mainly wondering if what i’m seeing is a stage of nitrogen toxic for future reference. I included pictures. I use recharge and mammoth p once a week, grow-more nutes specified on drain to waste chart 1/2 strength i have no ppm or ph set up to tell that detail. Occasionally fox farm big bloom for the guano. 3gal smart pot coco with DE, perlite & insect frass mixed in. Also top dressed frass on week 2 bloom. Fingers crossed the next few weeks go smooth low yield or not it will be spectrum king dankstickylicious the trichome tacos tell me so.